‘SİBA TRADE’ is a foreign trade and sectorial consulting company located in Izmir, Turkey.

Since its foundation, Siba Trade built a reputable brand and a diverse portfolio of leading manufacturers in Turkey in a wide range of industries. Siba Trade has also developed a solid international customers database by local and international market experiences, industry knowledge and its presence in international trade exhibitions.


The company has been established by Burcin Saltik, Wood Processing İndustry Engineer (M.Sc.). Besides SibaTrade, Burcin Saltik is also part time lecturer in İzmir Ekonomi University, technical consultant in MYK, sectoral consultant and legal expert in the industry. He also prepares industrial capacity reports and technical reports.

We Make Difference!

Our customers choose us because we have deep industry knowledge and skills in management consultancy, international sales, exporting and international dealership organization. That allows us to challenge conventional thinking and deliver exceptional results.


We are experts in home furniture, interior wooden doors, steel doors, white goods hardware and f ittings, wooden panels and more in interior design, decoration and building industries. We share our expertise, give practical support, solve problems… in short we are there for you.


Our Aim is to Connect Buyers and Sellers!

We connect Turkish manufacturers with international buyers, support them for establishing dealerships abroad and

consult them in their foreign trade needs.

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Siba Trade

We always aim for success with a forward-looking and organized point of view.

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